Yoga How To ‘Roll Over The Feet’ From Up-Dog To Down-Dog

Julia asked me at how to roll over the feet because she feels uncomfortable and does not understand it.

I am grateful for the question, thanks Julia!

Here is the thing, the way we align our pushup position (before we go into upward dog) is important, these are some things to keep in mind:

I recommend entering the push up position from plank, because that allows the alignment of wrists and shoulders and provides information for the distance between the hands and feet, which is important.

Then instead of going down, we just bend the elbows and keep them close to the torso (I know, hard!)

Once In Push-Up (chaturanga dandasana) keep these in mind:
– Wrists aligned with the shoulders
– Tail up (not falling)
– Balls of the feet on the floor
– Feet close (about hip distance apart but no more)
– There is a modification where the knees can go on the floor if it is to hard for the beginnings


Moving towards upward dog, the chest goes forward and upwards and this makes the rollling over the feet, as you will see in the video easier…

In up dog keep in mind:

– Wrists alinged with shoulders
– Elbows slightly bent ( a tiny bit )
– Neck relaxed
– Thighs off the floor
– Back of the feet on the floor
– Chest moving forward and upwards
– Head rolling back
– Mouth close (lips together)

From here, to roll over to down dog what I do is use the tailbone and sacrum leading me UP towards the ceiling.

The spine follows and then it becomes more understandable how the rolling of the feet happens,

For some people it might be a bit painful, and I’ve seen some do one foot at the time. That is OK for a while but best not to build bad habits…

Enjoy and ask me anything at

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