Heidi was born 11/25/96 & I bought her when she was still a puppy. To prepare myself, I read 2 books by The Monks of New Skeet, a book by an English woman named Madeleine Pickup, and Lew Burke’s book on dog training. These 4 books were specifically geared for German shepherd dogs. I also watched videos by other experts, and read a couple of Warren Eckstein’s books. Heidi was a good dog & could do all of the tricks in Lew Burke’s book except the so-called Numbers Trick. I never got around to that one. She was good with small children. I took the videos myself. I also taught Heidi to attack me in play. Sometimes passer-byers would get alarmed not knowing that we were just having fun. My daughter is now in college. Read my book, “LIFE AIN’T KIND” at

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