Training A Jack Russel Terrier | How To Crate Train The Dog

The Jack Russell Terrier is an easy-to-teach and one of the most popular breeds nowadays. This video will show you how to teach your dog to the cage, so that the pet could enter it willingly and sit there quiet.

Before teaching the dog to the cage, it is recommended to go with it for a walk to make it tired and hungry. When the dog gets to that condition, you can put it into the crate, and do not forget to leave some food. Pay no attention to whining and barking. The pet should understand that it want to eat and rest instead of feeling uncomfortable being locked. Do not come up to the cage until the dog gets calm. Then you can praise it for good behavior.

When the pet it quiet, you can appear near the crate again. Repeat this several times to make the dog understand that you can come up only when it is calm.

Джек Рассел – очень хорошо обучаемая порода, которая легко поддается дрессировке и является одной из самых популярных пород в наше время. В данном видеоуроке мы расскажем и покажем, как приучить собаку к клетке, чтобы она охотно в нее заходила и спокойно себя вела, находясь внутри клетки. Русская версия:

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