Trained To Protect A Family, BEN Is A Top Personal Protection Dog!

Ben is definitely a ‘top dog’ when it comes to family protection and is great with children. Personal protection dogs that are trained at this level are excellent at home and out in public and have been provided extensive socialization opportunities during training.

Ben was hand-picked for his temperament and imported from Europe to the USA. Dogs like Ben are purchased from after successfully completing extensive training as a protection dog, as well as hands-on training with their new families.

The video above demonstrates a training scenario with Ben and a protection dog trainer.

Please note that although K9 Ben may have already been sold to a family, we have many more highly-trained family protection dogs at our facility in Florida available for those who want to add a serious level of security to their homes, and are willing to integrate a loyal K9 companion into their lives in order to do so.

Besides Florida, we also provide family protection dogs to families in all States in the USA.

Read more about high-level family protection dog for home security, and see your training options here:

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