Trained Personal Protection Dogs For Sale – With Training For Your Family.

The kind of protection that can never be used against you!

A family protection dog is like an alarm that wakes you even before someone enters your home…a loyal companion that’s also a personal defence system.

Personal protection dogs react instantly in a crisis and remain obedient. And you’re safe and secure in the company of your personal protection dog as they are fully socialized and are comfortable in virtually any social setting.

Your personal protection dog will be there for you and your family, giving you valuable personal freedom.

Whether you need a family protection dog or an executive protection dog that will accompany your on trips, you want to be sure the dog has the right temperament. A dog that will lovingly and safely interact with your children, and yet be willing to protect you no matter what.

At Southern Coast K9, a dog’s stable character and good temperament are the first things we seek when selecting dogs for our personal protection training, along with a strong protective instinct and excellent physical health.

Call us at 877-903-3647 about a personal protection dog for your family.

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