Toy Manchester Terrier Target Training

Toy Manchester, Asher, demonstrates how to target a hand. This was taught using clicker training.

Hand Targeting can be used to help teach a dog how to “heel”, or loose leash walking, can help teach a dog how to go on scales, invite them on the couch, invite them off the couch. It can also be used with a recall to have the dog come back wither in front of you or to your side. Hand Targeting can also be used to teach tricks like spinning in a circle, jumping up on cue, and helps give direction. It can also help a fearful dog allow handling from strangers by inviting the dog to touch them and them receiving a tasty reward.

Object targeting can help teach a dog “place” or to go to bed, and can help dogs overcome various fears of objects. It can also be used for various assistance tasks such as switching lights on or off, opening refrigerators, and is commonly used in animal acting. Further exercises include teaching retrievals, sending a dog away, and teaching tricks such as hand stands, leg lifts, staring at a specific object, and more!

There’s a book called “Right on Target!” That you may want to check out for more info.

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