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Small Dog Breeds!

If you are buying a small dog breed then you are going to want to know exactly the way that they act and behave. You do not want to focus just on the appearance of the small dogs but how they are going to be, or what their temperament will turn out like.

A typical small dog breed is going to be less than 15 inches from the ground and generally smaller than 25 total pounds. There may be small dogs that are bigger than this that are still classified as small, but they are usually not much bigger.

Dogs that are small, are usually easy breeds to train. While breeds may learn commands faster than other dogs, some will be slower and will need patience on your end if you want to train them properly.

Shedding is another thing you should consider when looking to purchase a small dog. A lot of them do not shed much and make perfect companions for apartments. However, some of them shed a lot so if you are allergic, or do not like lots of mess, you may want to pass on these breeds.

Also, if you have children around the house, small dog breeds may be an excellent choice. This is because small dogs are much less intimidating to your child but at the same time, your child may be rough with the animal and they stand a chance of being bit. While small dogs can bite back, some of them are willing to put up with this abuse from smaller children.

Always make sure you have great supervision around the small breeds and your children.

These small breeds can act like great guard dogs. While they may not be big enough to scare off an intruder, they are great barkers that can wake you up from a deep sleep. This is perfect for apartment living.

The last thing I will mention is that not all small dog breeds are hypoallergenic. Some people think that it is the dog hair that is going to cause the allergies but it is really the danger from the small dog’s skin. Every dog is going to have some dander but others do not have as much.

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