Teaching A Nose Target -Touch Your Hand: A Key Skill For Dogs

This skill is the basic building block of many behaviors such as the retrieve, sending your dog away from you to do distance work, mat training, leading your dog over, under around, heeling, targeting objects etc. Jessie is not new to nose targeting so expect that your dog will take many more repetitions to understand it.
It was taught using frozen peas and carrots as the reward!
If your dog is having trouble learning this, send me a message!
1. My dog licks or mouths my hand. What can I do?
Angle your hand so the first thing that will touch is his nose and click just before he makes contact so he is getting c/t for nose touches, not tongue or tooth contact. Remember: you get what you click. You can also pull your hand away for 3 seconds or so when he mouths or bites and then present your hand again,

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