Teach Your Dog To Respect Boundaries

Published on Mar 9, 2015
Teach Your Dog to Respect Boundaries – a video by JimBurwell’s Petiquette

Teach Your Dog To Respect Boundaries. This shows how I taught this dog to stay out of the living room. More work is needed with eventual distractions but the foundation is being set here. You can do the same with your dog. Keep it fun and positive!

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Jim Burwell’s grass-roots start with his in-home dog training business has grown to become Jim Burwell’s Petiquette. Jim has successfully trained over 20,000 puppies and dogs in 25+ years.
Jim has spent the better part of his career working with owners in their homes solving dog behavior problems and training puppies into great adult dogs.

Just some of my professional dog training ventures are: training dogs for search and rescue, television commercials, theater productions, a celebrity dog for NBC affiliate station, KPRC-TV in Houston, TX and Ronald McDonald’s therapy dog Mogie.

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