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Rounder, a Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue, demonstrates how to teach your dog to ring the bell to go outside. This is a good alternative behavior to train to prevent your dog from scratching at the door to go outside. Also, you know your dog has to go out, even when you’re not in the same room. You can also use an electric doorbell (the bell plugs into the wall; the ringer can be mounted anywhere).

NOTE: you can skip the blue tape on the target and just have your dog target the bell in your hand. That is a quicker way of teaching this behavior. Once he targets the bell in your hand on cue, put it on the door and follow the rest of the steps in the video. I like using a target stick and blue tape because they are both useful for teaching other behaviors. For example, you can use a target stick to teach spin, bow (slide the stick on the ground back between the dog’s front legs) & crawl (when the dog is in a down, slowly slide the stick away from them on the ground). You can use the blue tape to teach the dog to close a door or drawer (touch) and as a body placement target.

I made this video for my sister, Lydia, and her beautiful dog, Belle.

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