Teach Your Dog Boundary And Barrier.

Teaching your dog boundaries and barriers can come in very handy for you and your dog. In this video you see my dog demonstrating the command “on the grass”. What this command means, is that the dog is free to roam but he has to stay on the grass. I was out of town during this video and it was taken in front of our hotel in a foreign environment to the dog so he could go to the bathroom and stretch a little.

The grass is a boundary that is distinguishable because of its difference in terrain relative to the sidewalk and parking lot. I am standing in the parking lot and shooting this video. You will notice that even when the dog turns he doesn’t come back towards me. In order to teach this command effectively, it would be important that you have the ability to stop your dog remotely at any time. Having the ability to stop your dog at any given time is the most important command you can teach your dog. The sit means sit training method not only makes this easier, but also keeps a constant communication line open between you and your dog.

If this dog were to come off the grass, I would just stop him immediately remotely, and get him back on the grass. It would be counterproductive if you could only call him to you for two reasons:

1. There might be danger between you and the boundary and you wouldn’t want him just running to you no matter what.

2. He would be working next to you, and the focus of this is the dog being able to maintain his task while away from you.

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