Skye Dog Walk Re-Training

Dum Dum Dum…

Dog walk re training.

Skye’s dog walk has been one of the hardest things for us. He is a BAD creeper. I tried doing quick release type stuff with a little improvement.

Then for awhile he has really had NO criteria. I mean like none. It was hard too cause it was like well… whats he gonna do? I can’t do this or that handling because he may creep or run and blow it or who knows what!

I played with a running contact but it just wasn’t something either of us were getting or liking.

So here we are. We started with the board flat and have been going up. Basically it’s run really fast and hit the 2o2o and then you get frisbee. It’s also ME keeping the pump WAY up and keeping it short. We also change from “walk it and touch” to just “go, go, go” and “hold it” If I need him to hold it while I catch up/get in place.

Really just going with what we got and only fun/play when he goes faster. He gets rewarded for everything to keep him pumped up but the level of reward means a lot to him and that is special for good ones. LOTS of back chaining and such.

A few times he had a MAJOR break through where he is backing into it now!!! Even if I am there now he has NEVER done that in his life. With or without me. Then he even lifted his foot trying to find it on his own!!! If he keeps this up we can back chain from that too.

He has had BEAST weaves at home lately. I am hoping we can carry some of that over to trials! The speedddd!

You can ignore Leap running around. Put her up after awhile and ummm the black blur in clip 4 is her going over a jump right there :p She has 2 little runs at the end she was rocking 🙂

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