Sheepdog Training Tutorials And Online Lessons On How To Train A Stock Dog For Herding Sheep

is the website to visit if you want to train your dog to herd sheep.
The Working Sheepdog Website has pages and pages of information, pictures and DVDs about sheepdog training, and now we’re busy adding sheepdog training tutorials so that trainers, shepherds and sheep farmers can watch anywhere – even out in the field during a training session with their dog (with iPhone or other suitable device).
Our training videos are backed with a comments section, so that subscribers can ask questions about training and sheepdog herding, and we’ll usually reply within twenty four hours.
You can unsubscribe from our tutorials at any time, and continue watching until the end of the period you’ve paid for.
We’re adding new sheepdog training video lessons regularly, so check out our sheepdog training tutorials library now.
The tutorials are also relevant to stock dog and cattle dog training for sheep and cattle stations and ranches as well as sheep farmers throughout the world.

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