Service Dog Patches Vlog EPIC FAIL (READ Description)

So I finally had enough energy to sit down to film the highly requested patch video.BUT It ended up being a 💥epic fail💥 so if your still willing to watch it, go right ahead but I warn you the camera for some reason was out of focus and I rambled and rambled, I think it’s very useful information for the most part anyways. I’m very sorry. I used up all my spoons/energy on this one thinking it was working just fine and it wasn’t so now I don’t have the energy for refilming it, I will when I can but in the mean time if you do want to watch it, I am posting it. Please no judgement, my face is all swollen from the fall and I obviously stumble on what I mean to say a few times, since it’s unedited, TBI problems. I really wish this had turned out good but sometimes this is life. I’m just gonna choose to laugh at my mistake and move on. Sometimes technology lets you down. I hope you enjoy it anyways. It also completely cuts off at the end, I was almost done anyways because I only picked a few of the best ones and most used ones to show. Sorry about this. Hope it still helps a little. I wore the Perfect shirt for this moment, shout out to The Frey Life, go show them some love here on YouTube, and their store which is where I got this amazing shirt and many other items is

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