Service Dog In Training Under The Table At Restaurant

I was invited to my grandfather’s 90th birthday party in a private room at a restaurant. Because of DeeDee’s assistance, I was able to go and have a good time. In between conversations, I shot this video of DeeDee laying under the table. It’s the first public access video I’ve taken of her.

Partway through the video you’ll see DeeDee’s ears go up, after which someone begins talking to her. DeeDee remains lying down and looks to me, and I give her a treat for not getting up to greet the person. Note: the treat I gave her was NOT restaurant food. It was a small dog treat I had in my pouch from home. I absolutely do not condone giving restaurant food to service dogs. At least not in the restaurant. 😉

I apologize for the poor lighting in the video. Obviously DeeDee was lying under a table, where it’s fairly dark, lol. I’ll shoot some different public access videos soon!

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