Scent Work Emer Bog 16th Jan 2015 Hunt For Duck Dog Training Treats In A Sock

Sock containing food hidden for me, Splash is left in a wait the item is hidden and then I walked up so I could film her approach and search.

It was a fun walk, A deer hopped across the field at Emer bog,
Splash did a great recall
So we walked round the field Splash sniffing
and showing me where the deer had been as a
reward. Later on we did some nosework in
the field, there was a dog playing fetch nearby
but she was so into our game which was lovely.

I love it that Splash is so into our games. If a
doggie friend comes along I will release her to
But she is soon telling me she ideally wants to
restart our games if I am willing.
Her drive for the games makes life so much
easier. She loves doggie play and the great
outdoors, but it warms my heart that our games
rate so high for her.

Shot with a CANON POWERSHOT SX210 IS camera in HD mode. Edited with a Dell Core I5 running WINDOWS 7

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