Rescue Dog Training

If you are looking for advice on how to train a Rescue Dog then you are on the right track. Hi I’m Pat Stuart from MS Kennels and this is a short explanation of the video tutorials available to you at
We have filmed an online puppy raising tutorial that will work on any breed and it will guide you step by step towards raising a happy healthy social pet.
We chose a gorgeous little English Springer Spaniel and named her Val. Since we visited her at 4 weeks old we have been filming everything we have done to raise her into the awesome little dog she is.
And it all can be replicated by even the newest and least experienced pet dog owner. All of the methods we will show you are proven, right in front of you as you see Val grow up through the series. There are no smoke and mirrors here. Val has lived in my home and will continue to live with me and my wife as our pet.
We have edited hundreds of hours of footage and broken it down into bite size pieces arranged into 4 categories.
What to do before getting a puppy
The puppy 2-4 months
The puppy 4-6 months
And 6 months right up to 12 months.
We are confident that the information we have put together will take away a lot of the fear and frustration beginner and intermediate level pet owners often feel when they aren’t sure if what they are doing is best for their puppy.
We will guide them through selecting a breed and breeder all the way up to basic obedience and a few tricks thrown in there for fun.
By following our tutorials this is the standard you and your puppy will be at in no time.
We want to make raising a puppy one of the most satisfying things a person can do as well ensure good dogs don’t get surrendered to shelters by people who didn’t have the tools to raise them correctly.
For those of you watching with an adolescent or even adult dog and you think you’re ready to take training to the next level, the good new is that nine times out of ten a back to basics approach is exactly what’s needed and these videos will work for you too.
So head on over to and take the first step towards raising a happy healthy social pet.

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