Protection Dog Glossary – Difference Between German Shepherd And Malinois

Protection Dog Glossary – Many people confuse a German Shepherd with a Belgian Malinois. These two breeds are similar but not alike. Learn the difference between the two.

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Housed on 54 acres in Southeastern Virginia, Protection Dogs Elite is one of the largest private dog training facilities in the world. Maintaining a staff of 53 people we are not working out of our garage like many of the firms you may see on the Internet. We have one of the largest kennels in the world housing in excess of 220 dogs at any one time.

Even though we are a large and substantial company, we don’t turn out production line dogs. Our founder and chief trainer (see below) would kick some serious butt if we sold a dog that could not do exactly what we promised and more. Our washout rate (dogs that are sent back for poor performance) is near zero and we want to keep it that way.

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