Prison Inmates Train Dogs For The Disabled

(4 Feb 2010)
AP Television
Warwick, New York – November 2009
1. Medium of inmate at New York”s Mid-Orange correctional facility training his dog on how to sniff for explosives
2. Medium of dog finding target and being rewarded
3. Wide of inmate training his dog how to sniff for explosives
4. Medium same
5. Close of dog finding target and being rewarded
6. Wide same
7. Close of dog”s face looking on
8. SOUNDBITE (English) Francis Milazzo, Inmate:
“They might have been a different type of person years ago, ten years ago, the crime that got them here. They might have been murderers. Now they are nice guys. You know what I”m saying? They”re great to their dogs. You see them cuddling with their dogs and speaking all these little baby sounds to their dogs. Things they never would”ve did ten years ago.”
9. Zoom into inmate walking in hallway with his dog
10. Medium of President of Puppies Behind Bars, Gloria Gilbert Stoga during classroom session with inmates
11. Tilt down from inmate to his dog
12. Close of inmates passing class work papers
13. Close of puppy chewing on bone
14. Close of dog sleeping on floor with class going on in background
15. SOUNDBITE (English) Gloria Gilbert Stoga, President, Puppies Behind Bars:
“The tangible skills are these guys are really, really good dog trainers. They know everything from housebreaking a puppy and teaching a puppy its name to teaching them really sophisticated commands that can go on to help a disabled person in his or her daily life. The intangible skills are empathy, are, working together as a team.”
16. Medium of inmate performing exercise in which he falls to the floor, which cues his dog to dial emergency
17. Close of dog dialling
18. Dog being rewarded after successfully completing exercise
19. Wide of dog turning light switch on and off
20. Close same
21. Dog being rewarded after completing exercise
22. Low shot of inmate and dog walking out of classroom
23. Pan of inmates and their dogs in recreation yard
24. Medium and close of inmate Jonathan Bias playing with his dog
25. SOUNDBITE (English) Jonathan Bias, Inmate:
“This is my way of not only giving back to my victim, but to other victims that have been harmed through terrorism or through bombings and been disabled during those bombings. So this is my way of giving back and hopefully my victim, the victim of my crime, will be able to see, ”ok, he is a changed man, you know, he was misguided in his actions, but now he is on the right track and he is doing the right thing.”
26. Inmate throwing a ball to his dog
27. Various of dog running to retrieve the ball and being rewarded
28. Various of inmate training his dog to follow commands
29. Medium shot of dogs playing in recreation yard from outside the fence
30. SOUNDBITE (English) Gloria Gilbert Stoga, President, Puppies Behind Bars:
“We hear constantly that our dogs have a bond with humans that has really never been seen in other dogs and I think it is because not only they spend 24/7 but they are already used to spending their life with someone who needs them.”
31. Various of inmate Michael Jenkins showing his diploma after finishing a dog grooming course from prison
32. SOUNDBITE (English) Michael Jenkins, Inmate:
“They see the role model in me and they come to me, they want to pet my dog and the programme and you know? Everybody from the staff to the superintendent. I made it and I”m proud of myself and I”m proud of the dogs.The dogs really changed my life.”
33. Various exteriors of Mid-Orange Correctional Facility in New York State
34. Wide of ceremony in which trained dogs are given to war veterans
35. Close of inmate singing national anthem
37. Medium of dog during national anthem

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