PetSmart Puppy Training: Socialization

Your puppy pal loves to be around you all of the time – but other people and dogs? That can take some time. That’s where puppy socialization training comes in! From vacuum monsters to excited little kids, there are lots of things that can make puppies anxious. We’ve got some tips for making sure your puppy is happy and comfortable in all kinds of situations! Our wonderful PetSmart trainer, Shannon, along with Aaron and Guppy from Lazyron Studios will be your puppy training guides! In this video you’ll learn:

– When you should start getting your pal socialized with other pups
– How to get your puppy pal used to noises that scare them
– Tips for helping your pup get comfortable with other people and dogs

Ready to learn more about puppy pet parenting? We’ve got you covered on all things puppy training:

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