Our Gang Group Dog Training: Canine Companions Class

Can your dog: hold a stay while you move around the room? Recall away from a distraction? Hold a down-stay while you say “hello?” to another person or dog? “Leave it” when there is garbage on the ground? Walk politely past another dog with only casual interest? Settle at your feet while your seated and having a cup of coffee? These are the skills that will help make your dog a better canine companion!

Introducing our “Canine Companions” Class – an intermediate level obedience course. For dogs at least 6 months of age or who have completed Basic Obedience or equivalent and have a foundation of sit, down, stay, recall, and leash manners. In this course, we will be advancing those basic cues and adding duration, distance and distraction. We will also be working on cues such as “leave it,” “wait,” and “settle.”
0 for a 6 week session

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