Off Leash Service Dog Walmart Training | Voodoo The Husky

Hey guys! We’re back with another video and this time it’s about training a SD off leash. I always work Voodoo on leash as per ADA law, a Service Dog must work on leash unless actively performing a task. Since this was a training session and we like to train off leash to keep up on her skills, I don’t want to hear any negativity towards my choice of training. Voodoo was completely in control at all times throughout the entirety of the video and no one was alarmed or upset. Had they been I would have immediately put her back on leash 🙂

I tried a voice over for this video and I feel like it went pretty well! I definitely held the mic too close to my face so it picked up some breathing, so we’ll fix that for next time! Let me know if you guys liked seeing a slightly longer video from us and we’d love to make more!

If you have any concerns about anything you see in the video, please shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’d be happy to answer and clear up anything you’re worried about!


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