Obedience IPO Trained Versatility German Shepherd

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Top-of-the-Line! Large and impressive black & rich red color. Great looks along with superior character to go with it! Highly accomplished earning the master level IPO3 title. Magnificent substantial head with alert and attentive expression, excellent proportions with very good top and underlines. Absolutely impeccable rock solid nerve base with great capacity to handle stress, nothing can shake him. Can go anywhere, anytime, day or night and never be nervous, totally self-confident. Comfortable in the home with outstanding manners with children and other dogs. Always compliant to the handler and follows the obedience commands easily. Pronounced desire to retrieve the ball and loves to perform.Vigorous and enthusiastic in all the protection work. Comes from a working line pedigree consisting of many dogs that have achieved top placings at the highest levels of international competition. Hips and elbows certified a1. For more information on this rare offering please call us at 1-360-273-6125.

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