NO EXCUSE FOR NOT TRAINING YOUR SMALL DOG, Dog Aggressive Pooch Goes To Bootcamp At Dynamic Dogs

3 week dog obedience bootcamp with Dynamic Dogs Training & Behavior, with the biggest presenting problem being DOG REACTIVITY AND LUNGING, FRANTICALLY BARKING, GROWLING, SPINNING, FREAKING OUT when she saw other dogs. This could not be fixed by previous trainers, but had big issues with other dogs on walks, despite being able to attend daycare. You can’t walk a dog like that down the street. Trainers Jennifer Hack and Aliya Carey show you the following commands: heel, sit, down, stay, come, place, look, leave it (food refusal). If YOUR dog trainer can’t get these results or better, find someone else. Your dog can be off-leash reliable (with the e-collar, aka remote electronic collar, aka shock collar) in just 2 weeks.

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