* My Pug Is Peeing On Couch And My Bed! WOOT!

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My pug is peeing on couch and my bed!
Make a potty schedule taking her outside at least every 3 hours and stick to it.
Consistency is very important. Take her outside until you see her go and then bring her back in.
Watch her constantly in the house and when you see the signs she’s getting ready to go (sniffing around, circling, etc), take her out immediately.
If you can’t watch her constantly, consider crating her for short periods until you can watch her.
You’ll also need to clean up her usual pee spots in the house with a good cleaner that will take the smell out so she’s not drawn back to those places.

Having a pug puppy is a joy, but you need to know how to handle the problems of biting, chewing, and potty training to enjoy your new puppy to its fullest. Be sure to check out tje FREE Mini-course here:

Help …. i cant house train my 9 month old pug?
How do i house train my Pug????? (easy Points)?
How can i stop my pug from peeing in the house?
My pug is peeing on couch and my bed, and pooping all over the floor???
my pugs keep marking on my couch , gross!!!
My pug keeps peeing on the couch!
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I am having great difficulty toilet training my 3 month old pug puppy and need your help!?

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