May 2010 Susan Overfield BOSS Dog Training Clinic-Star.mpg

Susan Overfield teaches dog behavior psychology obedience BOSS Dog Clinic across U.S. & Montana.

Montana Dog Trainer Susan Overfield
A rescue dog who was so timid she would not come out of her kennel. Star’s owner who worked with her off leash in one day’s work with Dog Behavior Psychology Obedience expert Susan Overfield. Overfield is a nationally recognized dog behavior expert and author of “Saturday Dogs…and the owners they trained.” Overfield does not use treats, clickers, or choke chains. She teaches owners, trainers, shelter and rescue personnel how to communicate with dogs the way dogs do with each other. She has been asked to speak to veterinarians, pet industry trade groups, dog day cares, and trainers. No dog is too old, too young, or too difficult. For Susan Overfield, any breed is a good breed. She handles “aggressive dogs” and “bad dogs” the same way, and they all change immediately. Check out her website,
and watch the video.

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