Marker Training With Kain, Week 1

Kain is our foster dog through Austin German Shepherd Rescue.

We are going to do a weekly update on his progress.

His release marker is “hai” or “yes” in Japanese. He already knows his “sit.” He now knows the hand motion for “down” and we are in the progress of attaching the command “platz” to it.

We are also teaching him how to use a touch pad, which will serve as the basis for more advanced obedience skills in the future. The exercise is pretty much taught through luring. As he nibbles on the piece of treat in my hand, I manipulate his body towards the touch pad, and I mark it as soon as both of his paws are on it.

All of his learning will be done via motivational training. He is a very soft temperament dog with a good food drive. He is really enjoying his training!

Corrections will only be used to proof his commands later on (when he understands the command 100%), no verbal or physical correction is used at this stage.

I try to keep the sessions short and upbeat, so he associates training with fun fun fun. The sessions always end on a good note and when he is still in drive.

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