Marion Woman Wins Dog Obedience Championship

Marion, N.Y. – Plenty of people have dogs. Training them to be obedient can be a task. Marion resident Deb Zappia knows firsthand about getting a dog to listen. Zappia recently became the first American ever to win the Working Dog World Championships in Finland. The championships are a test of obedience and agility. Zappia won with her German Shepherd, Eros. The two gave us a run-through of the course Monday morning at their training facility in Marion. “They’re scored on attentiveness,” Zappia explained. “He has to stand right, his shoulder next to her leg. He has to maintain that position whether he’s moving slow, fast. He must stop and come to a sit beside her.” Zappia also trains and boards pet dogs at her facility, Proformance K9. Dogs of all breeds and behavioral stages learn everything from sitting to walking the leash to obeying commands.

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