Long Lead Training Technique For Dogs And Their Owners

How to train your dog to be your best friend and have him / her walking by your side off the lead in no time at all using the tried and tested long lead method and simple commands, with a 40 feet horse training lunge lead. Graham Mabbutt spent a few hours educating us about how we should be training our dogs. Graham is in his 80’s now and I believe still actively educating people on how to train their dogs. Using the methods shown in this short video Graham had trained two standard poodles that had previously attacked sheep to walk among sheep off the lead. The £30.00 we spent learning this method was the best money I have ever spent with my dogs and he has enabled us to enjoy our best friends at their full potential as well behaved, well balanced and obedient canine superstars. Thank You Graham Mabbutt.!

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