Leash Walking Tip: Teach ‘go Sniff’ – Dog Training Tutorial

This exercise is great for dogs who are constantly crossing in front of their owners on walks to try to reach something to sniff.
This video is also good for owners who have dogs who blow them off when they leave the house. By controlling access to real life rewards you can build your importance to your dog when outside of the house.

Walks should not only be about exercise for dogs but about mental stimulation. During a walk you can give your dog permission to go sniff so that they can explore an area while you follow behind keeping the leash loose. When you are ready to move on, simply say Lets go and move on.

For dogs that are markers you can teach them to walk by your side and then give them breaks to mark in appropriate areas. When the dog is walking on a loose leash at your side if they try to mark on something quickly move on while saying lets go before they get a chance. Then when you are at an appropriate area give your cue go sniff so they can sniff around and mark. Or if you prefer you can teach your dog to pee on cue.

By teaching your dog that you can reinforce them with access to the environment, you can get your dog to listen to you out of the house even when you have no toy or treats.

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