Khan Doberman Puppy Day 1: Manners Training Play Biting, Jumping, Pulling | Atlanta Dog Training

Board and Train Program, Day 1. Khan is a 6 1/2 month old Doberman, weighs 70 pounds, that play bites, jumps, and pulls on the leash when walking. He has boundary deficits. Evaluation begins with a pre-training walk to assess Khan’s manners. He jumps, play bites, and has minimal leash walking skills. He is unaware that a person is at the other end of the leash.

Khan is wearing a SportDog 425 remote training system. The first exercise in the video is the follow-me exercise. Through several methods of communication Khan is asked to follow me and turn when I turn with no tension on the leash. Position of Khan’s body in relation to the trainer is unimportant.

Khan also started the recall (come) command today. The goal as the 2-week board and train program progresses is for Khan to build distance and duration.

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