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WagVille doggy daycare’s treadmill trainer Rachel shows us Kelly working out on the treadmill. We offer treadmill training sessions consisting of slowly, patiently and positively teaching your dog to use the treadmill. Our treadmill trainer can teach your dog to love the treadmill and show you how to conduct your own sessions at home if you have a treadmill. She can also have them walk or run on the treadmill here.

Why use the treadmill:
•Treadmill is great for physical fitness; its a fabulous low-impact exercise for dogs of all breeds
•Soft on the paws, great for overweight dogs or dogs with hip or other medical issues
•Confidence boosting activity for fearful or anxious dogs
•Varying levels of intensity provide rigorous workout for even high energy very fit dogs
•No-force training techniques used, only patience and calm energy–training your dog to choose to exercise on the treadmill
•Great way to work on concentration and can thereby help behavioral problems.
•We can teach you how to gradually integrate from the WagVille treadmill to your own home if youd like

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