K9 Unlimited Detection Dog Training

K9 Unimited police dog traning detection dog training
Explosive dogs (explosive search dogs) are trained, partially on it under most difficult conditions different kinds of explosive, weapons, of feeling ammunition and Selbslaborate. The training play been made by and hive-rubbed the dog, as humans a toy “, e.g.; Bringsel” with small explosive samples prepares. The explosive dog connects the smell later positively with ” spielen” and is so strongly motivated. The training is similar as with a drug trackhound, only with other Geruchsstoffen. With finding an object however the explosive search dog must behave absolutely passively: it sets or lies down to the announcement and makes so the find clear. An active behavior (e.g. by scratching or barking at the object), would be here dangerous or deadly for the explosive dog and dog leader possibly. Explosive dogs are ” also as so called; explosively detection dogs” EDD designates.
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