Hyper Catahoula Learns Advanced Obedience With E Collar Training

Karen Harrell of Dynamic Dog Training AZ demonstrates with Jackson, a 11 month old male, Catahoula, how poor obedience and lack of focus can be simply and calmly resolved with the use of E-collar and a properly fitted Herm Sprenger prong collar. Jackson was trained to behave calmly during his two week board and train with DDTAZ. He had no experience with behaving calmly on command prior to his board and train.
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DDTAZ is owned and operated by Karen Harrell, a dog trainer that offers both in-home, and board and train services for obedience training and dog behavior modification. Karen confidently resolves a host of dog behavioral issues which is not limited to aggression, anxiety, and fear. Karen teaches basic dog obedience, such as proper leash walking, “sit”, “down”, and “come” to puppies and adult dog’s alike. She also trains off leash advanced obedience with modern low level remote collar training. DDTAZ services the Phoenix Metro area and Tucson. Karen’s proven method of balanced dog training brings peace and harmony into the lives of her committed clients who recognize that real change is possible when balanced training is consistently applied. Karen Harrell is looking forward to bringing peace into your life!
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