How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark – Episode 2- Barking At Scary Objects

All dogs bark. Dogs bark to communicate. Barking tells us there is something wrong, that the dog is feeling some sort of emotion- fear, anxiety, stress, arousal, etc. To punish a dog for this natural behavior that it has evolved to do is cruel. However most people don’t know how to solve common barking issues with their dogs, and so feel there is no choice. I plan to make a series of episodes on barking covering all barking issues and how to train your dog not to bark in those situations. In this video I will be showing you a simple exercise on how to change your dogs emotional state using clicker training or (saying the word ‘yes’). When you change a dogs emotional state from fearful, stressed, aroused, to that of calm relaxed confident and happy, all the symptoms disappear (such as barking).

Hope you enjoy!

Happy training!

barking dog annoying how to train a dog to love objects that used to be scary behavior modification and counter conditioning using clicker training marker training to solve a behavioral issue.

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