How To Train A Puppy To Be A Therapy Dog

How to Train a Puppy to Be a Therapy Dog

How To Socialize Your Puppy?

Interactions with the dog are part of a treatment plan designed by a health care professional, to improve the patient’s physical or emotional function. For instance, tossing a ball or brushing his coat encourages repetitive hand-eye coordination exercises.

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) therapy introduces pets to withdrawn people to encourage communication, because patients often relax in the presence of a friendly animal. There’s no formal treatment plan or trained professional needed.

Neither AAT nor AAA dogs are considered service animals by federal law. Service animals are defined as being trained to actively help people with disabilities.

What Training Is Required?

To be a good therapy animal, your dog must be friendly to all kinds of people, and quiet and calm in a variety of environments. They should enjoy being touched by strangers, especially children, and know how to take treats nicely.

Older dogs usually make the best therapy animals, as they are less excitable and know basic obedience.)

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