How To Train A Puppy Not To Bark – How To Train Your Yorkie Not To Bark

how to train a puppy not to bark – How to Train Your Yorkie Not to Bark
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A Yorkie is a wonderful companion and a perfect example of man’s best friend since they provide entertainment, love, and devotion to their owner. The only problem is that some Yorkies turn out to be quite full of energy, and their constant barking can be stressful to their owners and neighbors. There are many effective ways to train your Yorkie not to bark, but it takes time and dedication to break your companion of this horrible habit.

A Yorkie will bark for a number of different reasons, ranging from needing to go outside to a loud noise that scares them. You can cut down on how much your Yorkie barks by making sure he is taken out on regular walks, so he has plenty of time to do his business and get rid of excess energy. Keeping your home full of toys will also help to limit his barking since many Yorkies will bark when they are feeling bored. The toys will help to keep him occupied most of the time, and it wont hurt to give him some extra attention if he starts to bark.

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