How To Teach A Dog To Fetch House Keys, Train Dog To Guard And Carry Object, Intruder Alarm Dog

How To Train Your Dog To Fetch House Keys, Training Dog To Fetch, Teach A Dog To Fetch, Guard Dog, Intruder Alarm Dog, Dog Alarm

How To Teach Dog To Fetch House Keys

Step 1)
Teach your dog to TAKE Object, HOLD Object and CARRY Object
Step 2)
Teach Your Dog To OPEN The Key Holder using Paw or Nose Target.
Step 3)
Teach Your Dog GET the keys from the Key Holder and BRING it to you. Start close to you, Slowly increase the distance when you dog getting success.
Step 4)
Teach your dog to CLOSE the key holder using Paw Target
Step 5)
Combine all step

Don is taught to Fetch key to selected people. Don is also a Intruder Alarm Dog, She will alert me by barking if there are stranger outside the house.

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