How Much Do Dog Training Classes Cost?


How Much Do Dog Training Classes Cost?

Before selecting a particular training course, it is important for dog owners to carefully consider the type of training needed. While most courses are about the same duration (8 weeks or so), each type of course is designed to accomplish a unique goal. The goal of each type of course will also determine its cost.

Improved Manners – to

Many undesirable dog behaviors fall under the category of “manners”. This includes behaviors such as pulling on the leash while walking, barking at other dogs, licking hands and faces, and chewing on furniture. These kinds of problems can be corrected, and training courses have been designed to do just that. Classes aimed at improving dog manners are offered at pet stores and elsewhere in the community. Expect to pay between and for this type of course.

Greater Obedience – to 0

Owners often complain that their dogs refuse to obey even the simplest of commands such as sit, stay, and heel. While there has been an explosion in the number of books, videos, and magazine articles on the subject of dog obedience in recent years, the most effective option continues to be obedience classes. In fact, studies have shown that nearly every pet dog could benefit from at least a single session of obedience school. Courses cost up to 0 in most areas.

Special Skills – 0 or More

Specialty dog training classes are available to teach skills such as livestock herding, search and rescue, Frisbee catching, obstacle course maneuvers, and show presentation. These classes are usually breed-specific, so for a list of providers, contact local breed clubs. Make sure to ask about club discounts as well, as discounts are often provided to members. In fact, the discount alone may be a reason to join the breed club. For special skills classes, expect to pay at least 0.

Socialization – to

Classes designed to provide socializing opportunities for dogs are among the most affordable training classes available. But the low cost in no way means these classes are less helpful than other types of training. Dogs, like people, are social animals. In fact, some of the most serious dog misbehaviors (such as aggression toward other animals) are a direct result of isolation. Socialization classes provide a safe environment for dogs to run and play together, and to become accustomed to being around each other. Expect to pay as little as for these classes.

Aggressive Behaviors to 0

Dog attacks are responsible for numerous injuries in the United States each day. They also account for the largest number of animal-related lawsuits. Even mild aggression toward people or other dogs can be an embarrassment to the dog owner. And sadly, in severe cases, aggression may result in an animal being put to sleep or being taken away from its owner. With so much at stake, dog owners should enroll in dog training classes at the first signs of aggressive behavior. For this type of course, expect to between and 0.

Dog training classes are a wise investment. Owners can choose what type of training will benefit their dog the most, and how much money they want to spend in the process. Moreover, it is a good idea for prospective owners to consider the expense of training classes before deciding whether dog ownership is right for them.

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