Gundog Training – Heel, With And Without Collar (visit )

– Heel: The heel command is one of the most used commands in the dog world. It is used from urban to rural places, for hunting to everyday living. In the 15 Minute Trainer Video entitled Heel, Tom Waite, Professional Gundog Trainer teaches both heel with electronics, as well as manually with just a lead. In the manual process, Tom Waite teaches you how to use the half hitch and any lead to teach the dog to heel using its own pressure, where as electronically Tom Waite administers the low level stimulation until the dog learns how and when it can turn off the pressure. With most people exercising their dogs in busy areas full of people and other dogs or distractions, the heel command is very important to teach. Not only is it important as an obedience command, but the process Tom Waite teaches you in the video conveys authority and control, while still enhancing a good working relationship between dog and owner.

This is Video 3 of Basic Gundog Training from The 15-Minute Trainer Series with Professional Gundog Trainer, Tom Waite.

Tom Waite is a respected teacher, trainer and Gundog breeder. Tom is also an AKC licensed Judge as well as a judge for AFTCA field trials. Tom has conducted training seminars for many clubs in the United States and Europe, as well as at various fairs and industry shows. His dogs have been featured in many national and local magazines and newspapers including the Wisconsin Outdoor Journal, Gundog Magazine, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Midwest Outdoors. Tom graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Master’s Degree in Wildlife and Biology.

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