Episode 10: The Delmar Smith Wonder Lead & Building A Foundation

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Trials and Tribulations of Tripp. In this episode we are showing how Tripp is responding to the Delmar Smith Wonder Lead.

Tripp and I have been working with this lead for about a month. Utilizing the lessons that I’ve learned attending the HuntSmith Foundation Seminar of years past, Tripp and I are building on our relationship using the Silent Command System.

Using this system forces Tripp to rely on me to give him ques as to what I want him to do. In this lesson I’m queuing him by giving him 2 slight taps on the lead when I want to make a change in direction or to stop or go. By doing this lesson each morning and evening Tripp is learning that he needs to pay attention to me when I change direction. This will lay the foundation for future lessons when he is working in front of me on a check cord to working off-lead using a e-collar.

This is all about laying the foundation that we will build on to make Tripp a great hunting and field trial dog!

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