EEVEE FACTS: Favorite Snacks & Treats For Training (Cute Shiba Inu Puppy 12 Weeks Old)

We’ve been getting a lot of questions on what miss Eevee likes to eat for treat and what we use to train her so I figured we would upload a video about it. Hope this answers some questions for you!


Treats Talked About:
Nylabone Healthy Edibles – Lamb & Apple (her fave I think)(they also have Bacon & Savory Beef)
Pedigree Dentastix
Canine Carry Outs – Chicken
Train Me Training Treats – Chicken
Charlee Bear Dog Treats – Liver – Egg & Cheese

Hope you Enjoyed! Thanks for Watching! (btw EEVEE is eating a Nylabone Healthy Edible in Lamb & Apple at the end)

This video was filmed 9.3.2011 – EEVEE is 12 weeks old.

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