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Southern Coast K9 (877-903-3647) specializes in K9 handler & detection dog training: drug dogs, bomb dogs and cell phone dogs. Pre-trained or selection tested dual purpose police dogs available at all times.

Prices are competitive and all K9s come with x-rays and medical records. Southern Coast K9 maintains an inventory of approximately 54 quality detection K9s and offers a guarantee of one year for workability and one year for the health of your canine.

We travel to Europe ourselves and hand select the dogs that we bring back here. It’s a long selection for us…we go over there, sometimes for a week or two, and do everything we can possibly do with the dogs so we’re bringing back the cream of the crop.

SCK9 K9 Trainer Jason Dungan: This is our passion. This is what we do and this is all we do. In fact I live on the property to maintain the dogs 24 hours a day. We live and breathe this.

Bill Heiser has dedicated his entire life to this facility and to dogs in general. That forms a special bond between me and him, and it’s a bond we have between all the trainers here.

Bill Heiser: What sets us apart from everybody else? It’s not just our product…it’s the guarantee that we give with it. So if there are any issues whatsoever – we’re known for our service. Nobody can touch us.

Canine Officer/Trainer Jack Murray and K9 Rocky, Daytona Beach Police Department – I’ve had Rocky since 2007. We bought him from Bill Heiser at Southern Coast K9. A lot of people sell them like used cars…but these dogs are almost like personal dogs to him.

Canine Sergeant Erica Hay, Ocala Police Department – From day one, when we came over to test K9s, it was unbelievable…the service we got while we were here. Everyone was helpful, the trainers are so knowledgeable, and I think I learned more here than I ever did dealing with K9s at the department. At this point our entire police K9 unit will be from Southern Coast K9.

Canine Handler Brian Luoma, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office – I’ve never seen anyone work dogs quite the same way the trainers they have here at SCK9…they have the same passion and the same love that I have, and when you have that passion you enjoy what you do, and you can see it in the product they produce. If you come here 2 days, two months, two years from now you’re going to see the place exactly as you see it today: clean, and a friendly environment.

Call Southern Coast K9 now about your next K-9 partner: we have a great selection of high quality dogs available. Toll free 877-903-3647

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