DOG PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINER – Life After College Vlog: Ep. 205


Bentley’s Water Sprinkler Video:

Life After College Vlog Episode 205
Here is my Daily Vlog focusing on my life after graduating from college. By the way, I am a big fan of CTFxC and BFvsGF/PrankVsPrank — I make lots of references SAAAN!

Features of this Episode:
– Folding Mountains of Laundry
– Bentley the Pit Bull Rottweiler Dog
– Testing the dog (hidden camera)
– Dog is getting Fat: Exercise
– I am a dog’s personal trainer to get the dog back into shape
– Dog plays in Sprinklers (Dog Vs Sprinklers) in the park
– Check out and share this video with friends:
– Dog Sprinkler Workout
– Dog Rolls around in the park
– Drying Dog Off
– Dog goes onto next training cardio session
– Gym Workout
– Wearing Omar Isuf Lion Tank Top to Gym
– Protein Shake Dance
– Meeting Roommate at the Counter Burger with the Dog (on a diet)
– Jiro Dreams of Sushi Review: 4 stars!
– Don’t Forget to Share Bentley’s Video:

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