Dog Agility Tip – How To Train A Dog To Wrap A Jump.

This video will show you how to get your dog to wrap a jump in dog agility in order to make the dogs turn more efficient and faster. By teaching your dog to wrap the jump using a toy, the dog will pay close attention to the handler and be aware of the handlers movement! I will be posting many more videos on dog agility and training tips. All the tricks, behaviors, and training that I do is with the use of a marker such as a clicker, the word “yes” or “yep”. If my dogs do not get it right, they just do not earn a reward. They will have to try again. Dogs repeat what gets rewarded, so most times if they are not getting anything for the wrong behavior they will tend to stop that behavior and do something that works. Good luck with all your training and have fun building your positive connection with your best friend your dog! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!
Pam, Isabelle & Bandit

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