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Hi, my name is Joseph Roach, and I’ve got some questions for you. Has your dog been acting strange recently or exhibiting unusual behavior? Is your dog acting like a trouble maker? Have you tried many treatments but nothing just seems to be working?

All the trouble your dog has been causing you lately may make you think that you have a “bad dog.” You may also have become hopeless and feel that his behavior won’t ever improve. But after reading my Ebook, you will realize that your assumptions are wrong. Your dog is not actually “bad.” Actually, he is suffering from what I call “separation anxiety.” And there are many methods to improve his behavior and cure his problem.

Many methods exist to cure “separation anxiety.” I know so. Trust me. I have been through the exact same problems as you. Therefore, I know all the causes, symptoms, prevention, and cures of “separation anxiety.” All the information I know about “separation anxiety” has been put together into my book called Curing Dog Separation Anxiety: Ending Bad Dog Habits Forever.

I am Joseph Roach, and I am the author of the book Curing Dog Separation Anxiety: Ending Bad Dog Habits Forever. My book contains thorough in-depth information about the disease. A audio version of my book is also included. The book is the result of years of scrutinous and diligent research. You can buy a copy of my book at my website at:


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