Cavalier King Charles Learns From Online Dog Training Ecademy — Why Don’t You?

The online Dog Training Ecademy shows how you can easily train your dog with a clicker to get fast and reliable results. Cooper was trained with a clicker through the Ecademy. It is the responsibility of all owners to train their dogs and the Ecademy offers an economical, time friendly solution.

Cooper is a tri colour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is never happier than when he is learning tricks. He loves the camera and the camera loves him. Some people think it is awful dressing a dog – but truly, if you could see how excited he gets when he knows it is time for him to ‘do his thing’ you would not make such assumptions. For Cooper to do TV work or photo shoots, he must be able to take on a certain character role from time to time.

The Dog Training Ecademy offers online dog training that is so easy for you to follow with its many videos and written instructions. You can even access ‘one on one’ assistance and support if you wish.

The Dog Training Ecademy is not simply dog obedience. It is designed to make your dog ‘think’ and work out what exactly you want him to do. It introduces the exciting clicker method of training which makes dog training fun and a real joy for both you and your dog. You initially train your dog without having to speak at all; quite a different technique than what obedience training teaches.

It is essential to teach your dog basic training so that as a well behaved dog, both you and others will enjoy his company. There is nothing worse than a dog that jumps on you (and your visitor), or constantly barks. Do you know how to stop dog barking and stop dog jumping? Does your dog dig, escape or fight? It is so important for the health and safety of both dogs and humans that you know how to stop dog digging and stop dog aggression. Why not find out how to solve these annoying (and sometimes dangerous) actions …..

You can start training your new puppy at Puppy Training Classes. Many Vets run such classes. There are also Dog Obedience classes available in many suburbs. You not only learn how to train your dog, but you are socialising him so that he will behave with other dogs and people in a variety of situations. Then you can continue his training through the online dog training offered by the Dob Training Ecademy; it is cost effective and you can do the training at times that suit you.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are listed as number 44 for breed intelligence (considered to be of ‘average’ intelligence). Of course, everyone who owns one will dispute that! However, as in all breeds, some breeders seem to breed a line of dogs that exceed the norm in their intelligence (and vice versa!). This video of Cooper the ‘super dog’ demonstrates some of the dog training and tricks that he has learned. I think you have to admit, he seems to love performing; indeed, he loves learning. His training is a time of joy for him and his owner.

You may be surprised to learn the top three intelligent breeds. In order (1. Being the best) – 1. Border Collie 2. Poodle 3. German Shepherd. And the bottom three? In order (3. Being the worst) — 1. Bulldog 2. Basenji 3. Afghan Hound. I wonder if a dog displays more intelligence if it is well trained. Some breeds may be more difficult to train and older dogs, set in their ways, can also be difficult to train — but you can teach an old dog new tricks! You just have to understand dog behaviour and learn the skills needed to train a dog.

Visit this website to find some free hints and tips on how you can solve some of the dog problems you may be experiencing. This website also discusses dog behaviour and how to have your children involved with both the safety of the dog and the child in mind.

If you are thinking of buying a particular breed of dog, check out the many hundreds of breeds available and find out both the positive and negative features of these breeds.

You may decide to show your dog. There are breed shows held every weekend in all States. It can be fun, but it can also be harrowing! It is really up to you and how you approach showing your dog. If you take the same cut throat attitude of mums teaching their little girls to be on a competitive stage — then you are bound to have a dog that simply hates the show ring. But if going to a dog show is treated like a fun day out for the family, then both you and your dog will have a ball!

As you commence training your dog, you are bound to have tons of questions. Visit this blog where you can ask your question and they will be answered by an expert in dog training. This is a free offer.

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