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About the PetSafe Remote Trainer, PDT00-10603

Why enroll your dog in an expensive, time-consuming training course when you can train him yourself?

The PetSafe Remote Trainer, PDT00-10603 is the perfect tool to keep your dog in check, whether he’s a pocket-sized poodle or a giant Great Dane.

This trainer is incredibly easy to use.

There are eight levels of electrical stimulation, allowing you to communicate with your dog in a multitude of ways.

Each level is slightly stronger than the previous one, so you get to decide how serious a message you want to send to your dog.

You will also be able to communicate through positive and negative tones that serve as a sort of secret code for you and your dog.

The PetSafe Trainer is aptly named, although it does deliver a small, yet effective, electrical current to your furry friend, it will not harm him.

This remote trainer works at a distance of up to 400 yards, which means that no matter where you are, whether you’re running, hiking, or simply in your expansive yard, you can continue to train your pet.

And should it start to rain as you enjoy a day in the outdoors, there will not be a problem. The receiver and transmitter are both waterproof and durable and will allow you to continue to train your dog regardless of the weather.

You can even train more than one dog at a time by using the PetSafe Add-A-Dog receiver, which allows you to communicate with up to three dogs at a time, making this remote trainer perfect for the true dog lover!

Product Features and Specifications:

Rechargeable NI-MH batteries
Includes a collar and a remote control
Two different tones for communication with your dog
Eight different levels of electrical stimulation
Works at a range of up to 400 yards
Can expand to train up to three dogs

Those who use the PetSafe Remote Trainer are quick to point out that it not only met their expectations, but also exceeded them. The users of this device report that after a few weeks, their once unruly dogs began to respond positively and quickly to simply the warning beep, and that they rarely, if ever, needed to resort to administering a shock. Furthermore, users of the PetSafe Remote Trainer, PDT00-10603 affirm that, contrary to being inhumane or prohibitive, dogs wearing the PetSafe collar actually have more freedom than other dogs, as it eliminates the need for them to be kept on a leash and allows them maximum movement.

A PetSafe Remote Trainer, PDT00-10603 allows you to take your pet wherever you go, regardless of the weather. And it gives your pet the freedom he wants to roam and explore the world around him, all the while giving you the freedom to enjoy your day out with your furry friend.

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