Board And Train, Javi, Havanese, Day 3: Dog Distraction Training, Sit, Follow, Place, Come, Free

Javi, Havanese, 7-months, male
2-Week Board and Train
Day 3

Javi was introduced to distraction training with Sit Up N Listen Dog Training Papillons Tony and Vinnie. Sit and Wait for duration and distance with the distraction dogs.

Javi continued with his “follow” command (loose leash walking). He also continued with his recall (come) command.

Continued with the “free” command and defined it more specifically as “go be a dog” but that does not include jumping on me. Instead of jumping a “sit” command is requested.

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Mona Cosse, RN, MSN, BS Psychology
IACP, APDT, CGC-AKC Evaluator, Sit Means Sit Certified Remote Collar Trainer
Sit Up N Listen Dog Training
Greater Atlanta Area
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