Best Gun Dog – Lostmanuels

Best Gun Dog – Lostmanuels
Best Gun Dog – Lostmanuels Have the Best Trained Gun Dog On the Shoot…By Throwing Out All Those Modern Training Articles, Books, and TV Shows All the Advice You’re Hearing MAY Sometimes Work
For Pet Dogs – But It’s Rubbish to a Well Trained Gun Dog I’m Richard Allen. In the next 5 minutes I would like
to show you how you can have ‘the best dog on the shoot’. I trained my 14 month cocker spaniel ‘Charlie’ using 2 old
manuals written over 100 years ago…along with ONE
simple 45 minute lesson from the Gun Dog expert who
introduced me these old ways of learning. Within 6 months Charlie was the best dog on the shoot. In
fact he was the best dog most of my shooting collages
have seen. You may be surprised that ‘Charlie’ was not
from the best stock. He came from a rescue centre where
he was found wandering the streets of Cambridge in
March 2006. Once I Had the Correct Information Training Charlie Was a Breeze HereA’s How Charlie Went From Absolute
Nightmare to The Best Gun Dog You Could
Imagine For weeks I had been looking for a Gun Dog. I couldn’t really afford several hundred
dollars for a puppy from certified parents. I called a few rescue centres with the hope
I could still get the Spaniel I wanted. Finally, I got a call. I had a chance to own a cocker called ‘Charlie’. I said yes without
even thinking. I did no research. I just thought, Get a Spaniel, Train the Spaniel. In a
few months, I would have a good gun dog. Once I got Charlie, I went on Amazon and ordered the 2 best-selling books
on training gun dogs. The problem was A’CharlieA’ was my boss. He would not listen
to me. Can you imagine my frustration at trying to train a dog who did not listenb I
read both books twice. These best sellers were useless! I thought to myself ‘Maybe
Charlie can’t be trained.A’ Then By Chance, I Discovered the 2 Greatest Gun Dog
Training Manuels Ever Written… My Father suggested I see a friend of his, Ron Mann. At this time I had been trying to
train ‘Charlie for 4 weeks. He was now worse than when I got him. He would not even walk
on a lead without nearly pulling me over. I regret the day I got the call from the rescue centre. Ron Gave me and Charlie a 45 minute lesson. Charlie was already much better. After that
lesson Ron had Charlie walking to heel without a lead. This was amazing. I asked him to
train ‘Charlie’ for me. I thought it was beyond me. His reply shocked me. It even annoyed me
a little. He wouldnA’t train Charlie until I gave it another shot…using the right materials this
time. He told me, ‘Anyone can train a Gun Dog, you just have to know how’ After my begging he offered to lend me two old manuals I had never heard about
before…never highlighted in any bookstore and never revealed on TV. He said, A”These
Manuels contain all the information you need.A” He then said to me if ‘Charlie’ was no better in three months to bring him back and he would
train him for me’. He assured me though I would need no further help. All I would need are
these forgotten manuals. Hardly anybody alive has heard of this treasured book. And I only know two people who own
original copyA’s of it (one of them is me). HereA’s What Makes These 2 Manuals So Special ! In 1882 Mr S. Hammond released a revolutionary manuel About A’Fancy Training for Your
Gun DogA’. When the book was released it was sneered upon. The popular thinking of the
time was you beat a dog into submission. Hammond disagreed! It had very few sales
because it was so radical to how everyone else trained their dog. Hardly anybody alive has heard of this treasured book. And I only know two people who own
original copyA’s of it (one of them is me). In 1901 another training manuel for gun dogs was released. This one was written by a highly
experienced trainer called A’WatersA’. This Manuel was much more popular and a little more
well know. I donA’t agree with all the methods used in this book, but over half of the manual
is about how dogA’s minds work. ItA’s called, A”Training Your Gun Dog for Shooting and Field
Trials.A” The techniques will put you ahead of 99% of the EXPERTS out there. The original copies of these manuels are out of print. It took nearly a year of searching old
book shops to find a copy of each. I found the first one A’Training Your Gun Dog for Shooting
and Field Trails’ within the first month. Nearly a year passed when I walked into a bookshop
in New York in 2007. I was on vacation at the time. I found the Manuel in a store. Miracle I
thought. It wasn’t cheep, but I had finally found it, so the cost did not matter. On my return
from New York I returned the Manuel’s to Ron as promised. Back To Ron and My Progress with Charlie When Ron had given me these Manuel’s, I was gutted. I wanted someone to train Charlie for
me. After reading those two books I bought from Amazon, I could not see how I could ever
learn anything from books…especially when theyA’re over 100 years old! My mind told me I
was wasti

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